Horizon Daas – Change tenant appliance VLAN

Some time ago we had to deliver multiple tenants and mixed up the VLAN’s for our tenant appliances.

And in a normal situation it is not possible to change the VLAN or IP settings for a set of tenant appliances.
But I was curious if you could do it anyway :-), so I started digging to see if it was possible to do.
In the end I was able to make it work, how I did it?

The steps

First I added a new vlan with the correct IP settings:

Tenant appliance networks
Tenant appliance networks

When the correct VLAN with his settings are ready you needs to change it to default, this can be done in the fdb database on the service provide appliance inside the org_datacenter_vlan_assoc table:
update org_datacenter_vlan_assoc set is_default=‘t’ where network_id=’newvlan‘;
update org_datacenter_vlan_assoc set is_default=‘f’ where network_id=’oldvlan‘;

After this you are able to delete the old VLAN from the list!
Now the VLAN in the database is changed we can change the IP addresses for the tenant appliances, to do that you also need to change a FDB database table on the Service Provider Appliance:

update network_interface set ip_address=’new_TA_IP_01‘ where ip_address=’old_TA_IP_01‘;
update network_interface set ip_address=’new_TA_IP_02‘ where ip_address=’old_TA_IP_02‘;
update network_interface set ip_address=’new_TA_IP_vip‘ where ip_address=’old_TA_IP_vip‘;
update network_interface set gateway=’new_gateway_ip‘ where gateway=’old_gateway_ip‘;

You will think where is the DNS? The DNS is stored in the org_datacenter_vlan_assoc table, so if you add the new VLAN make sure you enter the right one 😉

The last step before restoring the tenant appliances you need to change the VLAN in vCenter.
Now you are able to perform a tenant appliance restore:

IMPORTED: I did not test a restore of the pSQL database on a tenant appliance!

Have fun editing the database!
And be careful you can destroy your whole environment if you edit the wrong settings!

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