VMware Horizon DaaS – Lightboard series 03 – DaaS Components

This is the third session from the four lightboard videos about VMware Horizon DaaS.

Her you can find the first two videos:

  1. https://www.vblog.nl/vmware-horizon-daas-lightboard-series-01-the-basics/
  2. https://www.vblog.nl/vmware-horizon-daas-lightboard-series-02-multi-tenancy/

In this third video I will explain and tell you about the VMware Horizon DaaS components.

Here is the link to the video:


Johan van Amersfoort and Sander van Gelderen explain the different components of VMware Horizon DaaS

What I forgot to metion in the video is that you tenant appliances is not just your portal, but they also function as brokers for your VDI/RDSH computers.

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