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VMware Horizon DaaS - Lightboard series 02 - Multi tenancy

This is the second of a series of four lightboard videos about VMware Horizon DaaS.

In our first video, Marc talked about the basics of VMware Horizon DaaS.
If you missed this video, you can find it here:

In our second video, Marc will go into role separation and multi tenancy in VMware Horizon DaaS.

Check our video on the YouTube link below:

Johan van Amersfoort and Marc Roeleveld explain Multi-Tenancy in VMware Horizon DaaS

Finally, if you’re interested in more VMware Horizon DaaS content, please have a look at our Horizon DaaS explained series here:

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Post Author: Marc Roeleveld

Cloud Architect @ Uniserver Internet | vExpert 2019

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