Today I received an error in my vCenter Server:
Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server systems

Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server systems

This surprised me, because this environment is a quiet one without any kind of special configuration.

In this article I want to share what happened and how I resolved the issue.

Could not connect to one or more vCenter Server systems

My first thought was to reboot the system as it was running for quite some time, but this wasn’t helpfull.

Next step was to check the Appliance Management interface on port 5480.
Here I found the cause of my problem:

File system /storage/seat is low database storage space.

The nice thing is that the health status already provides the solution for my issue: Increase the size of disk /storage/seat or decrease the data retention.

When you navigate to Monitor > Disks you can find the proof that the disk is actually full:

VCSA > Monitor > Disks > Hard disk 8 > Seat partition is almost full

I don’t want to give in on data retention, so I will expand the disk.

There’s good VMware KB article to guide us through expanding the disk here: VMware KB 2145603

Log on to the ESXi host the VCSA is running on.

Expand the disk as shown below:

Connect to the VCSA appliance via SSH with your root credentials and run the following commands:

shell.set --enabled true
# Shows current status of the disks
df -h
# Expand the disk
# Check if the disk has expanded
df -h
VCSA > shell > df -h
VCSA > shell > /usr/lib/applmgmt/support/scripts/
Recheck VCSA > shell > df -h

Reboot your VCSA and find it working again! 🙂

VCSA > Health Status
VCSA > Hosts & Clusters

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By Marc Roeleveld

VCDX-DCV #299 | Cloud Architect | Owner at Roeleveld Cloud Services

2 thoughts on “vCenter Server 6.7 – File system storage seat is low on database storage space”
  1. Problem is…. this is just a work around. Why would a VCSA run out of space on that partition? I ask because I have the same problem and it was a default install and hardly any usage. I’ve done the install twice now and both have ended up in the exact same situation after only two (2) months of idling.

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