vCloud PowerCLI/PowerShell basics

In this blog I will introduce you to some of the basic functionality of using PowerCLI with vCloud. Installing PowerCLI The most recent version of VMware PowerCLI is available in the PowerShell Gallery so you can install the PowerCLI with one command:

And then load the module for vCloud:

When I loaded the… Read More

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PowerCLI – Identify and disconnect all CD drives from VMs

In this article I will explain how you can easily identify and disconnect connected CD drives from VM’s on VMware vSphere using a simple PowerCLI command. Connected CD drives can cause issues when you for example want to remediate your VMware vSphere cluster using the Update Manager. Find and disconnect all CD drives from VM’s… Read More

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PowerShell: Remove locked Instant-Clone objects

In this blog I will try to explain how you can delete locked Instant-Clone objects. My colleague Marc already explained how you can do it in the GUI, so if you are not familiar with scripting/PowerShell then this blog is a good alternative. IMPORTANT: Making changes to the MOB (internal API) is not supported and used at own risk. Not sure what u are doing? contact VMware support! So how do we start? In my script… Read More

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