Manual bootstrapping in VMware Horizon DaaS 8.0


This post describes how you can force manual bootstrapping in Horizon DaaS 8. 
Bootstrapping in VMware Horizon DaaS 8 is an automatic process to convert your image to a Golden Pattern in Horizon DaaS.

There is a way to do this manually. Reasons for performing manual bootstrapping can be:

  • The image is not on the same cluster as the desktop manager
  • If you suffer strange problems during the automatic bootstrapping process (hint: always use English language settings for DaaS)

The steps

In this post I will assume you already have a Windows VM ready with network connectivity, the Horizon View and the Horizon DaaS agent installed.

  • Go to the Registry and browse to hive  HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\VMware, Inc.\VMware DaaS Agent\EnableBootstrap
  • Change the setting from 0 to 1
Reboot the VMware DaaS Agent

Or, using PowerShell:

Now, we need to download the bootstrap file from the Horizon DaaS Admin portal:

  • Open the image you want to add via Console or RDP
  • Browse to the Virtual IP of the Horizon DaaS Admin portal. In this scenario
  • Navigate to Inventory > Images
  • Click the additional options button and choose Download Bootstrap
  • Enter a secure password
  • Save the file here: C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware DaaS Agent\service
  • Open a Command Prompt with Admin privileges and run the following commands
  • Enter the safe password you entered earlier

99 out of 100 times you won’t need this, but it’s good to understand the process happening behind the curtains. 

Good luck!

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