Yesterday I was in a call with a customer and we discussed uploading OVA’s into Cloud Director. I said sure that is no problem at all. Well then I started thinking how are you supposed to deploy an OVA in Cloud Director because I do not even remember how this is done.

So I opened up Cloud Director and tried it for myself. I decided to make this blog post along the way to show you how to deploy an OVA in Cloud Director. As an added bonus I will also show you how to upload an OVA to the catalog. This way I can deploy the OVA over and over again.

Environment information

  • Cloud director
  • vCloudUsagemeter OVA
  • macOS to upload OVA from

How to deploy an OVA in Cloud Director

In Cloud director I opened up the Applications section and selected “NEW”

I am deploying an OVA so I selected “Add vApp From OVF”.

In the screenshot below you can see all the steps involved with (in my case) deploying and customising the Usagemeter. Options to customise are for instance: Network settings, vApp naming, Licenses, Resources and more.

I was presented with an error message stating that the OVA is associated with and VMDK file so make sure to select both when browsing for the files to upload

In my environment i filled out all the requirements and pressed Finish. Now I wait and voila after a view minutes I have a UsageMeter vApp ready to go.

It is also possible to upload the OVA to the catalog. This way I do not have to upload it each time I want to use the OVA.

Let me show you how to do this.

Uploading an OVA to the catalog

To upload an OVA I go to “Libraries” and select “NEW” to upload the OVA.

Now I select the files to upload (and again I am presented with the same error message so I select both the .OVF and .VMDK file)

The next steps are choosing the proper catalog and naming the vApp and I am all set to go.

And after I waited for a bit the vApp template of the Usage meter appears in my catalog ready to be deployed.

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By Arjen Kloosterman

Sr. Solutions Engineer @ Netapp

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  1. Hello,

    So for the error you received “.OVF and .VMDK file” did you have to do anything or just ignore and move forward?

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