Hi all,

Recently we tried to upgrade our DaaS environment to the latest 9.2.2 version. But this failed several times. The HVM (Horizon version Manager) had no issues. But from within the HVM you need to deploy the HAL (Horizon Air Link). All our efforts to deploy the HAL server resulted in “ERROR: ‘Manifest download status has been reported to be an ERROR'”

In the end this errors started after we change the appliance template password. This will trigger a size mismatch error and a hash error.

Even when we did it in debug mode there was no extra info available where you can work with. What I saw was that after each failed attempt the failed deploy HAL was poweredon on vCenter and I was able to login into this appliance.

Finally I looked into this log file on the HAL “/var/log/horizon-air-link”, there I saw a few other errors that did not display in the debug log when deploying it from the HVM. For example:

Workaround / Fix:
Edit the node-manifest.json, there you can change the file size and the hash. And upload the changed node-manifest.json again.


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