It has been a while since my last blog, but last week I had a nice one…

It happened to me that I configured something in a image for our customer weeks ago to accomplish something and knowing that settings where not 100% correct.
But on the way I forgot that I configured that, not to mention that I emailed it that we had some config work to do.

So last week it was not possible to create a Instant clone image from the Image I created… searching trough the logs gave this error:

2019-05-01 09:42:57,956 ERROR [com.desktone.elementmgr.service.impl.ElementManagerImpl]-[Thread-1428394] Instant Clone Internal VM Priming failed. UNKNOWN_FAULT_FATAL:com.vmware.daas.cloneprep.common.CPException: After waiting for 600 seconds internal template VM: vm-36233 is still has not finished customization. Giving up!
at com.vmware.daas.cloneprep.action.WaitForInternalTemplateAction.execute(
at com.vmware.daas.cloneprep.workflowengine.ActionLink.execute(
at com.vmware.daas.cloneprep.workflowengine.Task.executeNextAction(
at com.vmware.daas.cloneprep.workflowengine.WorkflowEngine.processReadyQueue(

After a long search I find out that my work around (configuring a fixed IP) was still active on this image and the DHCP not working.
So after activating the DHCP scope and enabling DHCP on the image I was able to create a Instant Clone image again 😀

My lesson for today always check the DHCP first 😉

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