DaaS 8 usage report

DaaS 8 usage report

Hi everyone,

Here my first post on our blog vBlog.nl. So the first blog is about the VMware DaaS REST API and how the send a mail with a usage report.
I will also provide you the different lines of code for DaaS 7 and 8. For DaaS 8 there is no REST API documentation available and you have to do it with the DaaS 7 version.

Why doing it via the API? In the service center you have the option to download a CSV…
Well normally your sales support colleagues do not have access to the DaaS service center, and the CSV does not contain the friendly names of the tenants. The second thing is that the CSV contains much more information then they need, and in the most cases you will get questions about that 🙂

Download CSV the GUI way:

  • Login to your “service center”
  • Go to configuration > standard capacity. Here you will find “Download Usage Report”

Lets do it the PowerShell way:

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