Since the 24rd of March there are new compatible agents (DaaS 8.0.3 and view 7.5.4) available for DaaS 8.0.1. I know DaaS 9 is here already but not everyone will upgrade immediately and will probably use these newer agents in 8.0.1.

Of course I tested the agents right the way, and I noticed something during image creation:
The automatic bootstrap during convert to image did not work anymore. When you did a manual bootstrap it worked fine.

But we are administrators and want everything goes as smooth as possible and opened a VMware case for it. After a while they came up with a solution.
There is something missing in the registry or it is a registry workaround. Anyway set this key after the installation of the agents 😉

The regkey to set is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware VDM\Node Manager\enableSharedMemListener to ‘true’. And in powershell that will be.

new-itemproperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware VDM\Node Manager" -PropertyType String -Name enableSharedMemListener -Value true

The steps to take are as follows:
– install view agent 7.5.4
– install DaaS agent 8.0.3 (new win10 version support!)
– set the regkey

Don’t forget to reboot your new image! After the reboot the image is activated right the way.


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