Playing with 2FA/MFA in DaaS 8/9… yesterday I did some tests with a customer and his MFA setup.

Somehow the 2FA setup in DaaS was activated so users and admins could not login into the user and admin portal. So how to disable the 2FA in de DaaS database?

  • First login to the TA (via the service provider) and logon to the fdb database
  • Then select the authentication endpoints and find the correct one and delete that endpoint
  • Select all authenticators find the correct one and also delete that one
  • The last step is to delete the authentication type entry

    Now you are able to logon to the user and admin portal again without MFA
    This is tested in DaaS 8 and 9
psql -U admin fdb
select * from authentication_endpoint;
delete from authentication_endpoint where id='x';
select* from authenticator;
delete from authenticator where id='x';
delete from fabric_properties where name = 'extra.auth.type';
One thought on “DaaS – 2FA not working, cannot disable”
  1. instead of deleting it you could disable it
    update fabric_properties SET value =’false’ where name =’extra.auth.type’;
    when you set the value to false it disables it.

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