PowerShell: Remove locked Instant-Clone objects

In this blog I will try to explain how you can delete locked Instant-Clone objects. My colleague Marc already explained how you can do it in the GUI, so if you are not familiar with scripting/PowerShell then this blog is a good alternative. IMPORTANT: Making changes to the MOB (internal API) is not supported and used at own risk. Not sure what u are doing? contact VMware support! So how do we start? In my script… Read More

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Horizon DaaS 8 explained – Chapter 1 – Introduction

Introduction This article is part one of a serie of blog posts which will explain more about Horizon DaaS.In this article I will describe the basics of VMware Horizon DaaS and how it differs from Horizon View. Introduction to Horizon DaaS – Horizon DaaS 8.0 – Introduction What’s New in Horizon DaaS 8.0 – Horizon DaaS… Read More

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