VMware vExpert 2019!

Unfortunately I was away from my keyboard(s) the entire week, but today I’m back and happy to announce that Matthijs, Sander and myself have been rewarded with a VMware vExpert 2019 status last week! This is the first time we’ve received this reward and we are very proud & thankful for this. Of course it… Read More

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Horizon DaaS Migration Tool

Hi, In this Blog post i will describe some more about the Fling Horizon Daas Migration Tool https://labs.vmware.com/flings/horizon-daas-migration-tool From the Fling website it’s clear what this does Horizon DaaS Migration Tool helps migrating from earlier versions of Horizon DaaS (6.1.5, 6.1.6, 7.0.0) to the latest supported version (8.0.0). The tool can be used to move… Read More

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Black screen after migrating VDI to Daas8 on Blast / PCoip

Hi, This a short blog about some issue i had after migrating from old DaaS 6 , to daas 8. with the Fling Daas migration tool https://labs.vmware.com/flings/horizon-daas-migration-tool After the migration with blast and pcoip i only got a black screen and no error. No login error but only a black screen. After some troubleshooting and… Read More

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Horizon DaaS – Actual capacity vs Requested capacity RDSH

RDSH mismatch Actual capacity vs Requested capacity is a thing that can happen if you refresh your Sessiosn Desktop (RDSH) pool in the tenant portal. When you open/edit the RDSH assingment you will see something like in this screenshot. You know for sure that the amount of desktops under the desktop tab equals to the… Read More

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Horizon DaaS – SEAL QUICK_PREP, all sender types have been exhausted.

Hi all,When you build a super tenant and you create a seperate network for your tenant appliances. It could happen that you will receive this error during the creation of a golden image: Converting to an image – Error Unable to send message=31217130-97af-45f6-ba48-70106b1bd4d2 SEAL QUICK_PREP, all sender types have been exhausted. It turns out that… Read More

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VMware Horizon DaaS ā€“ Lightboard series 03 ā€“ DaaS Components

This is the third session from the four lightboard videos about VMware Horizon DaaS. Her you can find the first two videos: https://www.vblog.nl/vmware-horizon-daas-lightboard-series-01-the-basics/ https://www.vblog.nl/vmware-horizon-daas-lightboard-series-02-multi-tenancy/ In this third video I will explain and tell you about the VMware Horizon DaaS components. Here is the link to the video: What I forgot to metion in the video… Read More

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