DaaS UAG changes not working after some time

Hi, For DaaS you can deploy a UAG (Unified Access Gateway) if you need one. Once you do, you need to run the command “sudo /usr/local/desktone/scripts/apsetup.sh” from the tenant appliance. Basically your UAG is now configured and ready for use. But after some it could be that you need to change your SSL certificate because… Read More

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PowerCLI – Identify and disconnect all CD drives from VMs

In this article I will explain how you can easily identify and disconnect connected CD drives from VM’s on VMware vSphere using a simple PowerCLI command. Connected CD drives can cause issues when you for example want to remediate your VMware vSphere cluster using the Update Manager. Find and disconnect all CD drives from VM’s… Read More

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VDI – Outlook OST caching on a User Profile Disk

Configuring the File Share for Storage of User Profile Disks: Create a file share with the following NTFS and Share permissions: In our case : \\fs01.uwsd.loc\UPD Share Permission User Account/Group Permission Everyone Full Control NTFS Permission User Account/Group Permission Folder Administrator Full Control This folder, subfolders and files Authentication Users Modify This folder only Creator/Owner… Read More

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vCloud Director

New category for VMware vCloud Director

New category for VMware vCloud Director For the last eight months we’ve been writing articles about VMware Horizon DaaS, Powershell and PowerCLI . During this period we’ve received nice comments, good feedback, vExpert recognition and of course eternal fame. Because we’re primarily focused on Service Provider use cases, the logical next step for us is… Read More

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VMware vExpert 2019!

Unfortunately I was away from my keyboard(s) the entire week, but today I’m back and happy to announce that Matthijs, Sander and myself have been rewarded with a VMware vExpert 2019 status last week! This is the first time we’ve received this reward and we are very proud & thankful for this. Of course it… Read More

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Horizon DaaS Migration Tool

Hi, In this Blog post i will describe some more about the Fling Horizon Daas Migration Tool https://labs.vmware.com/flings/horizon-daas-migration-tool From the Fling website it’s clear what this does Horizon DaaS Migration Tool helps migrating from earlier versions of Horizon DaaS (6.1.5, 6.1.6, 7.0.0) to the latest supported version (8.0.0). The tool can be used to move… Read More

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